The rules of padel tennis

Padel is primarily a game of doubles, where four players compete. The scoring system is just the same as normal tennis. However, Padel tennis is played on an enclosed court, with a glass back and sides. Play can continue if the ball bounces off the glass, making Padel like a combination of tennis, squash and racket ball.

The padel bat or racquet is made of compressed foam, so no strings, making it a much easier game to play for those not used to racquet sports.

It's easy to learn, easy to play and with the court being a third the size of a normal tennis court, it's great fun!

Serving is underarm, the ball must be bounced first and not allowed to be served above waist height. The ball can be volleyed, smashed or played after bouncing on your side of the court. The ball must bounce in court before it hits the back or side walls, play continues in this situation.

If the ball hits the glass or mesh on the full, the point is lost. And that's about it!