Padel Booking
Booking a padel court at Rawdon Golf, Lawn Tennis & Padel Club

You can book our padel courts through ClubSpark (using either the Booker mobile app from the app store or Google Play Alternatively you can use the web app). Bookings are one hour long, and split into peak and off-peak times, with different rates for club members and non-members.

Members rates on the padel courts apply to padel, rackets and golf members. Tennis only members and visitors will pay for padel at non-members rates.

If you are a club member, please make sure your ClubSpark account is linked to our club, so that you get the corrected discounted booking rate. You can contact our club secretary ( for receiving a ClubSpark invite that will link your ClubSpark account to our club.

Peak rates are on weekdays from 16.00 to 21.00. The court is available to book from 7.00am to close at 22.00.

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MEMBER RATES £12 per hour (£3 per head) £16 per hour (£4 per head)
NON MEMBER RATES £24 per hour (£6 per head) £32 per hour (£8 per head)

Our ClubSpark booking system will allow you to book either as a member or non-member, and will add your playing partners at either members or non members rates as applicable.

Payment for court hire is made by credit or debit card at the time of booking, and an email confirmation is then sent with the access details. Equipment hire if needed is included in the booking fee. If it's an evening booking, the floodlights on the court are automatically controlled by ClubSpark.